Main Characters Edit

To be considered a main character, a character must have appeared in the last few episodes and have a major part in the plot.

Umbrella Boy (played by Brahm Sasner) Edit

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Umbrella Boy is the title character of the series. He is described as a parody of other superheroes but instead more comedic than adventurous. He is also incredibly weird and slightly idiotic. His only known family is Mackymcmacaracker, the main villain of the series, and his mom, who is never seen. Umbrella Boy's family is not a very important part in the series, as Mackymcmacaracker is only mentioned as Umbrella Boy's dad in the first episode but it is not mentioned afterwards. Also, Umbrella's mom is never seen, but what is known about her is she has diabetes and might own an iPhone 3. Umbrella Boy did not appear in S1E5 and is Brahm Sasner's only character in the series. Co-creator Keith Johnson says that Umbrella Boy's real name is Diggy Wigglins. Umbrella Boy's powers come from an Umbrella, which is only seen in S1E1. He is mostly a parody of Batman, Iron Man and Green Lantern, as a special object gives him his powers (the umbrella), but without them, he still has great fighting skills without it.

Sidekick (played by Keith Johnson) Edit

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Sidekick is Umbrella Boy's sidekick and the character with the most changes. In the first episode, his voice is very loud and snappy, but later on, his voice changes drastically. He was the one who gave Umbrella Boy his first umbrella and was kidnapped by Umbrella Boy so that he could be Umbrella's sidekick. While Sidekick is evil, the origins of his evilness are unknown, but with be explained in Season 2. Sidekick later tells Umbrella Boy that he wants to be a sidekick again and the two reunite.

Main Villain Edit

There is only one main villain at a time.

Mackymcmacaracker (played by Keith Johnson) Edit

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Mackmcmacaracker is the main villain from S1E1 to S1E7. He is the parody of a weird arch nemesis of the hero, in this case, Umbrella Boy. He is also Umbrella Boy's father, even though this is only mentioned once. He has a wife or ex-wife with diabetes, though he has never mentioned her or seeing her. Mackymcmacaracker was killed in the Season One finale, where he left the role of main villain.

The Mayor of the Police Department (played by Zack Lara) Edit

The Mayor of the Police Department is a secondary villain of Umbrella Boy, until S2E1, when he becomes the main villain. He speaks like a stereotypical idiot cop (like Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons). He was the one with the idea of getting Umbrella Boy to eat a "sticky without the note" that was disguised as a 100% Real Limited Edition Batteries Not Included pack of "Boiscout Cookiez". The Mayor first appeared in the episode The Time Phone, but was shown to actually be evil an episode later. In season 2, he becomes the main villain of the series, replacing Mackymcmacaracker. Since then, he is a

Secondary Characters Edit

To be considered a secondary character, a character must have appeared at least twice and have at least a minor part in the plot.

3rd Person Man Edit

3rd Person Man is a secondary villain of Umbrella Boy. He first appeared in the episode "The Lost Umbrella", where he was one of the suspects for taking Umbrella Boy's umbrella. He is modeled after Golem from Lord of the Rings, as his voice and tendency to talk to himself in the 3rd person, and how he has multiple personalities. He has 3 personalities: 3rd Person Man, Psycho, and an unknown personality.

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