Mackymcmacaracker is the main villain of the first season of the show. He is Umbrella Boy's father. He ends up being killed by Sidekick in Out of Time.

Creator Brahm Sasner
First appearance The Umbrella Rises
Last appearance Out of Time
Role Primary Villain
Played by Keith Johnson
Character Information
Alter Ego Unknown
Residence Unknown
City Stormcloud City
Country United States
Teams None
Partnerships Mayor of Police
Main Ability Combat

Fictional BackstoryEdit

Mackymcmacaracker's backstory is unknown. He has a wife or ex-wife, and has at least one son (Umbrella Boy).

Friends and Foes Edit

Friends Edit

  • Mayor of the Police Department
  • 3rd Person Man
  • The Mob Boss
  • Sidekick

Foes Edit

  • Umbrella Boy
  • Sidekick

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