Sidekick is a main character from TPP's most popular series. He is played by channel owner Keith Johnson, and first appeared in The Umbrella Rises on February 12th, 2016. Sidekick is mainly based on the Batman character Robin.

Creator Keith Johnson
First appearance The Umbrella Rises
Role Primary Hero
Played by Keith Johnson
Character Information
Alter ego TBA
Residence Umbrella Cave
City Stormcloud City
Country United States
Teams Umbrella League
Partners Umbrella Boy
Main Ability Combat

Fictional Backstory Edit

Nothing is known about Sidekick's past before he teamed up with Umbrella Boy. When the duo first met, Sidekick was working at a pawn shop, but has not been seen there since.

Friends and Foes Edit

Friends Edit

  • Umbrella Boy
  • Murmur the Inanimate Sheep

Foes Edit

  • Mackymcmacaracker
  • Umbrella Boy
  • The Mayor of the Police Department
  • Squirrel Man
  • Mr. Shades
  • 3rd Person Man
  • The Mob Boss

Italics denotes dead or discontinued members of the list.

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