Umbrella Boy S1E2: The Lost Umbrella Edit

The Lost Umbrella is the second episode of the series Umbrella Boy. It premiered on February 19th, 2016, and has over 100 views as of June 6th.

Plot Edit

15 years after the events of the first episode, a mysterious man talks to himself about taking an umbrella from Umbrella Boy. Meanwhile, Umbrella Boy wakes up to find his umbrella is gone. Umbrella Boy than interrogates his nemesis Mackymcmacaracker, his old Sidekick (who hates him for an unknown reason), and a villain named 3rd Person Man. Sidekick ends up confessing that he took Umbrella Boy's umbrella, and tells Umbrella Boy that his umbrella is at a place with a bomb, and his imaginary girlfriend is at another place with a bomb. Sidekick than tells Umbrella Boy that he must choose between the two things.

Cast Edit

Brahm Sasner- Umbrella Boy

Keith Johnson- Sidekick, Mackymcmacaracker, 3rd Person Man

Italics denote the first appearance of a character or actor.

Notes Edit

  • Umbrella Boy having to choose between his girlfriend and his umbrella, was based on the part of the movie The Dark Knight Rises where Batman must choose between Harvey Dent and his girlfriend.
  • 3rd Person man is a parody of Gollum.

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