Umbrella Boy S1E3: The Time Phone Edit

The Time Phone is the third episode of the series Umbrella Boy. It premiered on March 4th, 2016 and has over 80 views as of June 4th.

Plot Edit

The episode starts where the last one left off. Umbrella Boy is looking for his imaginary girlfriend, when he finds a time traveling flip-phone that he believes can contact his imaginary girlfriend. He then calls a girl named Chelsea, presumably his imaginary girlfriend. He then calls his diabetic mom. He then attempts to travel back in time, and manages to do so. Meanwhile, Mackymcmacaracker thinks that Umbrella Boy is going to go back in time to kill him before he was born, and so he plans to do the same for his nemesis. The episode ends with the Mayor of the Police Department talking to the camera about how Umbrella Boy has time traveled.

Cast Edit

Brahm Sasner as Umbrella Boy

Keith Johnson as Mackymcmacaracker

Zack Lara as The Mayor of the Police Department

Italics denote the first appearance of a character or actor.

Notes Edit

  • The Mayor of the Police Department's voice/laugh came from actor Brahm Sasner, who was trying to get Lara to laugh during the scene.
  • The "previous episode" that The Mayor refers to was a deleted episode. In it, Umbrella Boy and The Mayor have a "Yo Mama" battle.

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