Umbrella Boy Episode Guide Edit

This is a list of the Umbrella Boy episodes

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Umbrella Boy (2016-) Edit

Season One (2/12/16-4/1/16) Edit

Title Description Date Released Views Ep # (Total) Production Code
The Umbrella Rises A simple guy gets an umbrella and becomes: UMBRELLA BOY. With the help of a new "sidekick", he must defeat a villain as weird as their name. Can he do it? Find out! 2/12/16 296 1 101
The Lost Umbrella Umbrella Boy wakes up to find that his umbrella is missing. He interrogates 3 villains and then must make an extremely hard decision. 2/19/16 127 2 102
The Time Phone Umbrella Boy attempts to rescue his imaginary girlfriend. But the only way to do this is using a time machine disguised as a cheap flip phone. 2/26/16 98 3 103
The Villain's Plot With Umbrella time traveling, his villain's have a meeting and accidentally start a war between themselves. 3/11/16 73 4 104
Boiscout Cookiez As Umbrella Boy comes back, villains attempt to kill him so that they can be the greatest villain of all time. Later, some secrets are passed around as Sidekick and Umbrella Boy meet up with one another. 3/18/16 54 5 105
The Jail Cell As Umbrella Boy and Sidekick come back together, Sidekick is captured by the villains. So, Umbrella Boy must save him before it's too late. Meanwhile, a new threat rises and some new things are revealed. 3/25/16 63 6 106
Out of Time After Umbrella saves his Sidekick, the two create a plan in order to get out of the "car" they have been stuck in. Meanwhile, The Mayor of the Police Department gets ready to strike. 4/1/16 67 7 108

Season Two (4/15/16-5/13/16) Edit

Title Description Date Released Views Episode # (Total) Production Code
Hypnotized All of your favorite characters are back in a whole new season of Umbrella Boy. This time, as Umbrella Boy finds out his Sidekick is hypnotized, he gets an unexpected, and unwanted visitor. 4/15/16 299 8 201
Getting Tea With Umbrella Boy rescued, he talks with his Sidekick. Meanwhile, The Mayor of the Police Department plots revenge. 4/18/16 47 9 202
Squirrels and Shades When Umbrella Boy meets the fiendish Squirrel Man, he remembers why Sidekick didn't like him for a while. Later, that weird voice from episode 6 is revealed! 4/22/16 91 10 107
Revenge Comes in Threes After defeating Squirrel Man, Umbrella finds that Sidekick is not who he seems. 5/6/16 43 11 203
21 Umbrella Street In the Season Two finale, a new drug is found in the city. So, Umbrella Boy must stop it. 5/13/16 51 12 204

Umbrella Boy Holiday Specials Edit

Title Description Date Realesed Views Special # Holiday
April's Fool In the first ever holiday special of Umbrella Boy, Umbrella Boy and Sidekick get ready to prank The Mayor of the Police Department, but he fights back. 4/1/16 33 1 April Fools

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